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Friday, February 18, 2011

Upcoming CSN Stores Product Review!

As you know, I'm a CSN Stores preferred blogger and it's that time again.  I've been given the opportunity to review a product of my choosing.  I haven't decided what I'll do yet so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, Spring is right around the corner and it'll be time to get those kiddies outside in teh fresh air.  CSN Stores has great outdoor playsets that your little ones will love!  Hurry over now and save up to 70% off select playsets and also enjoy FREE shipping!  Gotta love the free shipping!

I've also been VERY behind on my cake posts.   Maybe one of these days when I've got nothing else to do I'll update for you. 

Soda Stream Review from CSN Stores

A while back (December to be exact..yikes am I behind the times) I was given the opportunity to review a product of my choosing from CSN Stores.  Since my husband's birthday is in December, I went with a SodaStream at home soda maker.  What a perfect gift for the soda addict that he is.  I chose the Genesis Bundle in Chilly Red that came with the main unit, 2 reusable specially designed 1 liter bottles, a CO2 canister (which happens to be refillable), and a sampling of their soda line. 

I was so excited to give him this gift that I can't believe I actually waited 'til his birthday to give it to him.  He was very impressed with the soda maker and was also super excited to be able to make his own soda.

The instructions were very easy to follow.  We inserted the CO2 canister, screwed on the bottle of water and pressed the button the specified amount of times to carbinate the water.  The directions say the water must be chilled but we've used water right from the tap with no problems.

What's nice about this at home soda maker is that you can control the fizz!  I like more carbination and the rest of the family prefers less.  I also like that it's more enviromentally friendly than buying bottles from the store, not to mention, cheaper!  Along with the soda machine, I ordered a 1 gallon box of Dr. Pepper soda syrup from Sams Club online.  Since the concentrates are different for different soda's, we had to play around a bit with the ratio.  The box of Dr. Pepper did, however, say 5 parts carbinated water to 1 part syrup. 

The CO2 canister is refillable and can be filled at local soda distributors or paintball/airsoft stores.

I highly recommend this SodaStream for any soda or seltzer drinkers!  This is well worth the money!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upcoming CSN Stores Review

As a CSN Stores preferred blogger, I've been given the opportunity to review another great product from one of their 200+ online stores.  I love working with CSN Stores!  They have fantastic customer service and great products from tv tables to coffee makers.

For Christmas this year, my father in law asked for a Keurig.  Me, being a smarter shopper than that, found this great single cup coffee maker on CSN Stores that I have to get for him.  It's tons cheaper and so are the pods that it uses!  I can even get tea pods for my mother in law, who is a tea drinker!

CSN Stores offers free shipping on tons of different items so this holiday season, make sure you visit them for all your shopping needs!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greg's Robots

Gregory is a robot lover so his mom asked for cupcakes with robots on top.  I just happen to have a Cricut cartridge with robots on it!  I made these little guys with gum paste and airbrushed the colors.  Greg loved them!

Polar Bear Birthday cake

This was a fun and special cake for me.  EllenRose is a very brave 11 year old cancer survivor.  She loves polar bears and this is the cake I made for her.  Each bear represents someone in her family, the bears on the top being herself (with the orange ribbon representing leukemia) and her mom and the bears on the board are her little sister Erin (who happens to be one of my son Max's favorite people!) and her dad.  The diving bear was a last minute addition.  EllenRose loved her cake so much that she wouldn't cut it for a few days and even took the bears off to save.  I LOVE it!  Happy Birthday sweet EllenRose!  Here's to many, many more!

Happy Birthday Kaileen

Kaileen's Soccer Birthday Cake.

Isabella's Baptism

This was designed to match the invites (that sadly never made it to my customer from Vista Print).