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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Wedding

I made this for a couple who was getting married on Halloween. My impression was that the marriage was a side bar to the Halloween They were dressing up as "the bride and groom of death" as the lady put it. Not my thing, but whatever. I made chocolate cake with homemade strawberry filling and I covered it in fondant. I made black fondant roses and made spider webs with royal icing and accented with silver dragees. The skull on top was the only non-edible thing.


  1. That is incredible! Looks better than the show I watch on TV.

  2. Very cool! That cake is amazing!! Strange wedding, but amazing cake!

  3. So indredible!! felicitations!!

  4. That cake is awesome. I would have loved that cake

  5. Wow! That sounds like a creepy wedding, but the cake you made was incredible! Your blessed to have such talent, especially given that you're even self-taught!

  6. LOL GREAT cake. I got married on Halloween 2006 and the party was awesome! Our cake was pretty cool but not nearly as cool as this one! Following from MBC

  7. oh i had similar skulls onmy hallowweeen cupcake!