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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This was my first "real" wedding cake. It was a 4 tier cake covered in ivory fondant. The top and bottom tiers were 4 layers of chocolate cake and 3 layers of chocolate truffle filling, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. The 2 middle tiers were 4 layers of vanilla cake and 3 layers of vanilla buttercream. The bride provided the leaves for the cake and I made a sort of scrolling design on each layer with royal icing.
It was lots of fun to make and definitely a learning experience! I'm looking forward to my next wedding.


  1. I love the leaves! Looks great! You did awesome for your first wedding cake!

  2. Beautiful cake!
    Great looking Blog! Following from MBC... I would love it if you would follow me too!!

  3. The cake is beautiful! Following you from MBC!

  4. I love this cake!! My mom is getting married in June and we are having fun looking at cakes!

    Following you from MBC. =)
    Stop by some time!