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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Club Penguin Birthday Cake

I made this for Stavros who turned 10 today.  He was having a Club Penguin theme.  I made the igloo, boat and light house all out of rice krispy treats and covered them in fondant.  The penguins, puffles, trees, rocks, tubes, fish and surf boards are all made of fondant.  This was a really fun cake to detail.


  1. TOTALLY jealous! I can't seem to make cakes as awesome as that yet...but then again I've never used fondant because I don't have a lot of money for things like that...

    But man, that cake's awesome! You have one lucky kid!

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! I think your cakes get better everytime. Cant wait to see what you can do for Mary's Cake. Are you still gonna be able to make it for 8/21? I know we talked about you going on vacay so please let me know if you can. Again, Great Job!!


  3. @Flufferwuffer...I never buy fondant full price. I only buy it when I have a 40% off coupon for AC Moore or Michaels! That's the only way to do it as far as I'm concerned and thanks for the kind words! Practice, practice, practice!
    @Danielle, I can still do Mary's cake..we'll talk more in August!

  4. The cake is a work of art - a masterpiece for certain :)

    (MBC - thanks for joining our commenting group!)

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  6. That is the craziest cake, so cool!

  7. Amazing, Incredible, Awesome!!!

    Will have to show this to my daughter, who wants to take classes in pastry arts!!

    I'm following from mbc and would love to have your check out my page at

  8. amazing work! Soo jealous that you could actually do that. you are so creative.... keep it up!

  9. I Am 11 Years Old And I LOVE Club Penguin! Awesome Cake!!