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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach!

My eldest son Zachary turned 11 last month and can you believe he didn't want a cake? Pff.... So he had some buddies over for a sleepover, homemade pizza and a matinee the next day. I made him an ice cream cake for he and his buddies to share.

I baked a brownie in the bottom of a spring form pan and then put it in the freezer until it was icy cold. Then I quartered 2 kinds of ice cream sandwiches, regular vanilla with chocolate cookie and one from Blue Bunny caked birthday cake. I alternated them all around the outer edge of the pan then froze it again. Then I layered his choice of ice cream flavors, first was moose tracks then a layer of crushed chocolate cookies like oreos (the generic ones are cheaper and you can't tell the difference in an ice cream cake!). Then the next layer of ice cream was dutch chocolate then more crushed cookies and topped with cool whip. I garnished it with halved cookies and some fun confetti sprinkles. It was fun to cut into the cake and see all the different layers in it. I had a picture of it cut but I must have deleted it by accident because I can't find it :-(.

This was a big hit with all and it lasted a long time! My husband kept commenting on how good it was. It was super easy! Give it a try.


  1. that looks like something out of Cold Stone, but a million times better!!

  2. What a cake masterpiece! My chocolate lovers will think its wonderful! And soooo creative, thank you for sharing.

    Following along from MBC. I'll be back soon!