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Monday, August 31, 2009

My So Called Visit to Charm City Cakes

Yep, that's me in front of Charm City Cakes. Can ya see the black plastic on the windows? Yep, it's there and nope, ya can't see in. And the sign on the door? It says "By Appointment Only"..... Okay, I can do that, how much notice do you need? 5 minutes okay?


  1. I read that from their site! Damn girl, we're living in the WRONG area! LOL. Buddy from Cake Boss is quite high also at $13-$18 per serving! Dear Lord!

  2. I know, can you imagine ANYBODY here paying $1,000 for a cake?!? Never! Love that palettes, they add quite the touch :) Glad you got to see it in person, with or without the cakes!