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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My stringless Fender Stratocaster Guitar cake

My brother in law was turning 40 and my sister wanted to throw him a party. My brother in law is a self taught guitar player and his dream guitar is a cherry red Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster. So my sister emailed me a picture and that's what I made him. It ended up being full sized at 4 feet long! I first drew the body of the guitar on a paper bag until I was happy with the shape then I layed it onto the cake and cut it out. The neck of the guitar I cut out of another cake. I covered the cake with buttercream and then with cherry red colored fondant. The neck of the guitar I covered with a tan color. Then I cut out the faceplate and added that on. All of the details on the cake were made of fondant and I used royal icing to pipe on lettering and such. Because I didn't think of the strings while I was assembling the cake, I couldn't put strings on it without ruining the look of the guitar.

1 comment:

  1. This is an awesome cake! I bet it went over well!

    I found this searching for a stringless guitar... an invention idea of mine... different than the laser concept out there now... but this was a nice break from the norm.... excellent job!