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Friday, August 14, 2009

Shiver Me Cupcakes!

The next few posts will all be about Ryan's graduation! I have this great friend who's son graduated high school this year. I had so much fun doing his cupcake tower! So the story goes this way....

Ryan had very specific ideas about what he wanted on his tower. Basketballs, footballs, cats, pirates and graduation caps. Here's how he came up with his wacky themes...Ryan's mom took him shopping for party supplies and walking through the store he kept commenting on how he's like to have a pirate themed party. He got his wish in some very cute ways. I made these pirate cupcakes for him. I also made a pirate cat holding a telescope that went on top of the cake for the top. He made himself a treasure chest to hold his "booty"...very cleaver and crafty! The cats came from his love of the magazine "Cat Fancy". He jokingly said that all his friends were coming just for the my surprise they were the first to go at the party! Basketballs and footballs self explanitory. Graduation caps I made of fondant and half with "TV '09" and half with "RWC" for his high school and college.
The cake on the top was my baby! I know Ryan had an idea of what he wanted on top, but I begged him to let me have creative control of the top. I think he was pleased!
More cupcakes and the top cake to follow.....

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